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World advances in knowledge - science-based.
Problem: When the bulk material is conveyed on conveyor belt systems, the material to be transported is stuck to the return belt due to the adhesive properties at the discharge point. This leads to stacks of material in the plant, which means not only additional work for the operator but also additional costs.

Solution: Since the founding of the company in 1975, HOSCH has been primarily concerned with the development, manufacture and sale of highly efficient belt conveyor belt cleaning systems that reduce operator costs and significantly increase the efficiency of the plant.

The cleaning of the conveyor belt is a very complex topic and a challenge that HOSCH has taken from the very beginning with an extremely high investment in staff and equipment. Focusing on such a specialized technical role, the company has gained expertise over the years.
For this reason, HOSCH is considered to be a world-wide expert in belt conveyor cleaning due to its rich experience.


Scraper / Wiper Type D

The D2 HOSCH scraper will greatly increase the productivity of your transport system

Exceptional life of components. - important, I would highlight it.

With a D2 scraper / wiper, HOSCH has defined the future of technology

Scraper / Wiper Type HD

Systems of conveyor belts that carry extremely sticky, muddy or difficult material are a great challenge for belt cleaners.

For these special operating conditions, HOSCH has developed a HD roller scraper that protects your conveyor belts

Extremely robust scraper that is installed in the "3-hour" position on the pulley.

It can also be used on mechanical joints (HD01).

They provide effective cleaning and exceptional life

Simple installation

Type HD-PU scraper / wiper

if the main scraper fails to handle the thickness of the material adhered to the surface of the belt, a so-called HD-PU pre-scraper must be installed

HOSCH "pre-scraper" type HD-PU has the following main features:

Very simple operation, simple installation and easy maintenance.

Scraper / Scraper Type B6

This scraper, which has been on the market since 1986, still has its supporters. Of course, it was improved from the original design and integrated it into the modular C-series.


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