The quality policy

The primary purpose and committed intent of BIBUS SK, s.r.o. is to represent the products and associated consulting, service quality by increasing customer satisfaction, to enhance existing market position and by winning new customers’ confidence to expand the local market.

ISO9001: 2008 ensures a structured quality management system.  The company operations are well managed ensuring compliance with regulatory laws, legislation and all sections of operations.

BIBUS SK, s.r.o. Ltd management declares its committed intention to quality-oriented company control, and by continuously improving the products or services provided by the company want the quality objectives to achieve. The criteria for implementation of infrastructure and human resources is ensured by the  management.

We ensure the conditions of quality and professional development by organized educations,  trainings , by which the company will improve in efficiency, thereby increasing worker satisfaction.

We constantly monitor our partners and our customers' feedback and accept the ever increasing demands of the competition.  We therefore maintain and enhance customer satisfaction. The development of the supplier relationships both personal and qualitative aspects the company management hopes the fulfilling of the standards of the owners.

The company management provides all the support and performance rights for its employee working in quality management. 


Certificate 2023   Certifikát 2023

BIBUS SK s.r.o.

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