New products from SF-FILTER

BIBUS SK, s.r.o. Brings you an overview of new products from our long-standing supplier of SF-FILTER filter cartridges. See an overview of the new filter cartridges that have been added to the portfolio of products offered and are available from 1.5.2021.


A complete range of filter cartridges from different manufacturers

We offer our customers filter cartridges from different manufacturers in all types of materials and filtration capability for filtering liquids, air, gas to the hydraulic filter cartridges.

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CoraPleat - High capacity filter inserts

In cooperation with our long-time Filtertechnik Jäger filtration supplier, we bring a novelty to our market.
This is a replacement for classic filter bags. CoraPleat filter inserts are used wherever conventional filter bags are high and their exchange is too common.
CoraPleat filter inserts have a much larger filtration area compared to standard filter bags of up to 10m² and thus have an incomparably larger capacity of trapped impurities.
This extends the service interval and therefore maintenance costs.

Simply place them in the filter basket of your filter instead of the filter bag and be convinced.


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