Piab gripper LBG-50

LBG-50 is the result of many years of experience with the development of our own palletizing end-of-arm-tooling (EOAT). It is a complete, pre-made bag gripper that is easy to install, adjust and maintain. It offers the flexibility to fit any roller conveyor on the market, and the sliders are just as easy to handle thanks to the vacuum-based upgrade option." with Duraflex® suction cups and COAX® technology."
Bags are usually a challenge to handle because they are heavy and flexible, but have a surface that is sensitive to pinching, punctures or rough handling. The LBG-50 avoids this by providing a gentle but firm lift, while the built-in top clamping plate secures the bag from above during movement. This in turn allows for a higher cycle rate.
Both the arm and the frame of the LBG-50 are made of aluminum, making it both robust and light. Other positive features are flexible width, toe positioning and generous mounting options. Flexibility also extends to the valve unit, which can be configured with either Discrete I/O, Ethernet/IP or Profinet.