PiCOBOT® vacuum gripping unit

piCOBOT® is a vacuum ejector unit with integrated controls, large visual status indicators and an easy-to-use display. Available with a generic electrical interface, as well as several dimensions of mechanical mounting plates in accordance with ISO 9409-1, it allows its configuration for cooperation with any cooperating robot and smaller industrial robots. It is Universal Robots certified and attaches directly to the UR robot arm (ISO-9409-1-50-M6). As a possibility to mount the suction cup directly on the piCOBOT® thread, it is possible to connect an adjustable gripper with two suction cups to the piCOBOT® unit without any problems. It is equipped with plug-in software (URCaps) for a programmable device (teach pendant), which facilitates installation, setup and start-up.

Piab new Cobot palletizing tool

CPT (Cobot Palletizing Tool) is a smart and compact cobot gripper that allows customers to get multiple products simultaneously. Its multi-zone gripper surface catches several boxes, even different shapes, in the same cycle. While its lightweight body allows for higher throughput per sample. Including the piSMART® valve unit, it also ensures the maximum required speed of operations.
Lifting several cartons and moving them at once, combined with the light weight of the cobot arm with the gripper as such, significantly reduces the wear of the robot, leading to a longer robot life.
The CPT consists of a vacuum unit and a suction plate that catches the cartons. If a different configuration is required, only the suction plate needs to be replaced. This reduces the cost of end tools while providing the highest possible flexibility.

Mini Cobot Gripper (MCG) Piab

Especially when it comes to cobot grippers, small is powerful. Weighing only 270 grams, the MCG is probably the lightest cobot gripper in the world. It lifts parts weighing up to 5 kilograms and can be flexibly equipped with a wide range of suction units.

The smaller and lighter the cobot gripper is, the more lifting capacity is available to move goods, for example, from a shelf to a shipping box – a process that continues to increase as demand for e-commerce grows.

The combination of an ejector with integrated COAX® vacuum ejector technology and separate grip adapters allows for maximum flexibility. This is further enhanced with the Quick-Click Tool - changer unit, as it allows changing from one gripper plate to another in seconds without the use of tools thanks to its plug and play design. Piab's integrated vacuum technology, COAX®, minimizes energy consumption and offers a safe and fast hold thanks to a high initial vacuum flow.

Lift more for less

Lift more for less with Piab's new vacuum pump, the piCOBOT®L! Its high payload combined with low construction height enables maximum capacity utilization when working with small industrial robots and cobots. Particularly attractive for e-commerce, logistics and warehouse applications, as well as helping to lift heavier items in production.
For more information click here: https://www.piab.com/news/lifting-more-with-less-piabs-new-picobotl-vacuum-pump-unit/.

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The new piCOBOT®Large from Piab suitable for e-commerce, logistics, warehousing and packaging. Thanks to its small size, it can lift more and allows maximum use of capacity. For cobots and small industrial robots.

piCOBOT automatic tool changer

How to reduce tool change costs when switching from one operation to another? With the Piab piCOBOT®L vacuum unit, equipped with automatic tool change, which allows you to quickly and easily change the gripping system itself, whether it is a suction cup, foam gripper or soft gripper. In this way, multiple applications can be served without downtime.

piCOBOTs piab

Piab continues its efforts to make its core line of cobot tools available to all users in a 100% Plug & Play version. Both piCOBOT® and piCOBOT®L are now fully adapted to FANUC Europe CRX cobots in a version that is easy to install, configure and use immediately.

more information:

◼️#piCOBOT®: https://www.piab.com/robot-and-cobot-gripping-solutions/cobots-and-robot-grippers/picobot-vacuum-gripper-unit/picobot/
◼️#piCOBOT®L: https://www.piab.com/robot-and-cobot-gripping-solutions/cobots-and-robot-grippers/picobot-l-vacuum-gripper-unit/picobot-l/

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