Expand your knowledge of lead screws and linear stepper motor drives

Check out our tech tips videos

Sometimes a website, brochure, or phone chat can't properly communicate or demonstrate a technology, product feature, or other idea. That's where the Thomson Tech Tips videos come in. Covering our lead screws and stepper motor linear drivers, these videos can help you better understand how to select or use these products. Click on the images below to view each video individually or visit our . full library of technical videos.

Understanding the start, lead and pitch of lead screws

All three of these attributes are important to lead screw performance. A better understanding of what these terms mean will affect the load capacity and efficiency of your lead screws.

Difference between PTFE and standard coating

What is PTFE and how can it help your stainless steel lead screws? Watch the video to learn more.

Defining the will

For those with applications that require precise movements, knowing the clearance can help you avoid potential problems.

Stepper Motor Linear Driver Assembly Configurations

Thomson offers three different SMLA configurations, each offering its own advantages for your applications. See how each one works and see which one might be right for you.

Encoder advantages for linear stepper motor controllers

These nifty devices can be integrated into our SMLAs and offer enhanced monitoring or control of your linear motion component.