Equus forest tractors

BIBUS SK, p. r. about. is a supplier of hydraulic components and systems for the production of Equus 175 N.

The Equus 175 N is a forest tractor with technical parameters comparable to world-class, long-lasting, easy to service and affordable. These forest tractors work not only in Slovakia but also in the Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, Romania, Germany, Switzerland and other tractors to France, Belgium and other countries.

As one of the few companies, Equus has the highest proportion of its own components in the machine (frames, cabin, winch, hydraulic arm, etc.), allowing not only to control quality parameters throughout the production process, but also to flexibly respond to new market demands, and to implement its own innovative solutions and, last but not least, to maintain the acceptable cost of the resulting product.


Peter Lauko

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Jaroslav Tvrdoň

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Email: tvr@bibus.sk

Vladimír Begáň

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