DANFOSS - Series 20 hydrostatic converters

Danfoss Series 20 Hydrogenerators / Hydromotors are available by January 2019.

Over the past 50 years, Danfoss has met the market requirements for the supply of finished products and spare parts for Series 20 converters. Given the continuing declining market interest in these products, Danfoss decided to end the production of Series 20 products by the end of January 2019. This decision was taken from reason:

  • the decrease in the volume of produced and delivered parts, and also the growing supply constraints on subcontractors. This has led suppliers to tell Danfoss that these parts are no longer available.
  • lack of alternative supplies due to low demand, high capital investment requirements and supply constraints

From now until the end of January 2019, Danfoss will supply a limited number of Series 20 products. Danfoss will continue to support the 20 Series product market that is in stock. The following plan was defined:

  • orders will be accepted for some of the Series 20 hydrogenerators that will be manufactured by November 2, 2018. The final delivery of the Series 20 products will take place on January 31, 2019.
  • Series 20 hydro motors will no longer be produced due to supply constraints. No new orders will be accepted.
  • orders will be accepted for spare parts and service packs Series 20 until delivery of stock. Once exhausted, these parts will no longer be available.

Axial piston pump closed circuit high pressure

H1 Pump

  • For middle and high drive power
  • nominal size 78; 115; 130; 147; 165 cm³/U
  • pressures to 480 bar
  • broad electrical controller program

S90 Pump

  • For middle and high drive power
  • nominal size 42 to 250 cm³/U
  • pressures to 480 bar
  • manual, hydraulic, electrical controller program

Features & Benefits

  • Compact designs offering high power density.
  • Complete family of manual, electric and hydraulic displacement controls and electrical automotive controls.
  • Various motor displacements available in SAE flange, cartridge and DIN ISO flange configuration.
  • Motor ranges with fixed, 2-position and continuously variable displacement controls, including the zero degree option.

Application Opportunities

The high power transmission solutions secure performance reliability in combines, crawlers, forest machinery and rollers.

  • sauer-danfoss series s90 840x540

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