The PVG 48 proportional valve is designed to be easily integrated into Danfoss Power Solutions' existing line of high-performance proportional valves: PVG 16, PVG 32, PVG 128 and PVG 256. The PVG 48 offers a flow rate of up to 180 l/min [47.6 US gal /min] and its compact design also saves space and weight while maximizing performance.

Proportional sectional switchgear PVG48

Danfoss presents a new member of the family of load sense pre-compensated proportional sectional switchgear - PVG 48

PVG 48 is based on the proven technology and modular concept of PVG proportional switchgears, which simplifies the process of machine construction, production and service activities.
PVG 48 are designed for a flow rate of 180 l/min. The PVG 48 uses the complete portfolio of drivers from the PVG 32. This enables a seamless integration of the PVG 48 proportional switchgear into the PVG switchgear family – it is directly combinable with the PVG 16 and PVG 32 and via the connection board it is also combinable with the PVG 128/256.


  • integrated compensator with relief in neutral position
  • integrated LS selector valves
  • function of shock/anti-cavitation valves (PVLP/PVLA)
  • integrated adjustable pressure limiters for branch A and B
  • port T0
  • additional anti-cavitation valve on connection A
  • simple integration within the entire PVG portfolio

Cartridge 2/2 distributor SLP13-10 with low power consumption

In line with the global trends of electrification, reducing the carbon footprint, reducing consumption and increasing productivity, Danfoss has developed this switchboard with low electricity consumption and high flow.

The new SLP13-10 saddle-type cartridge 2/2 switchgear has:

  • low electricity consumption – 10W
  • high flow rate – 80 l/min
  • maximum working pressure 350 bar
  • low pressure loss
  • very low leakage when closed
  • possibility of flow in both directions
  • design for a standard size 10 cavity
  • version normally open / normally closed

DANFOSS PVG proportional valves

The Danfoss modular PVG series proportional valves offer the most comprehensive range of flow control solutions for the most demanding applications. For example, the integration of multiple functions in a compact installation provides strong, smooth and lasting performance.

Modular electrohydraulic proportional valves provide an almost infinite number of configurations. From simple load sensing solutions to CAN communication solutions to ensure smooth machine control.
At the same time, they help to meet the strict emission regulations that are imposed on machine builders.