DANFOSS – cartridge valves

Danfoss Power Solutions presented a new, combined, portfolio of Integrated Circuit Solutions (ICS) products. The ICS portfolio now consists of cartridge valves and hydraulic integrated circuits (HICs) from several former manufacturers that are now part of Danfoss Power Solutions.

The extended product portfolio is one of the most complete on the market. It consists of more than 5 million valves and 600,000 hydraulic integrated circuits produced annually. This puts Danfoss firmly among the top three global suppliers.

The cartridge valve portfolio includes over 500 basic valve models - motion control valves, proportional valves, solenoid valves, check valves, flow and pressure control valves, sequence and selector valves. Logical valves, coils, bodies and blocks, electronic control units expand the offer.
All these products are known for their high quality and reliability. They are used in a variety of applications, including construction and agricultural machinery, material handling machinery and more.
Danfoss valves and HICs are manufactured in Easley (South Carolina, USA); Haiyan (China); Warwick (United Kingdom); Reggio Emilia (Italy) and Reynosa (Mexico).

Comatrol EasyManifold 3D

From the design of a hydraulic scheme to a 1-click 3D model.

EasyManifold is an intuitive user environment that allows the user to create a hydraulic scheme by inserting individual hydraulic elements from a predefined library and the software automatically generates a 3D model of the hydraulic block.

COMATROL - is fully integrated with Danfoss Power Solutions

During the last 8 years, Comatrol has been operating under the brand name as a member of the Danfoss Group. This has made it possible to build solid foundations and a high level of specialization in the built-in (cartridge) valves and integrated valve blocks. Over the last few years, there has been a strong shift towards a customer demanding complete customer solutions.
In the interests of better customer support, Comatrol will be fully integrated into Danfoss Power Solutions as an Integrated Circuit Solutions Division (ICS).

This integration reflects Danfoss Power Solutions' focus on delivering complete system solutions, while simplifying business cooperation with Danfoss. As a business unit of Danfoss, Comatrol will be a strong partner for you to meet and exceed your needs and expectations.

The process of incorporating and changing the brand will be multifaceted and will take a long time. After a complete transition, the Comatrol brand will be revoked and all products will be sold within Danfoss. The highest priority during this period will continue to serve customers, so cooperation will continue as usual with current Comatrol / ICS representatives.


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