Our mini gas springs are suitable for all applications!

The small series 3/8 mm, 3/10 mm, 4/12 mm and 6/15 mm are particularly suitable for applications with limited space due to their compact size. The required space is only 3 mm, 4 mm or 6 mm for the piston rod. The cylinder diameter of 8 mm, 10 mm, 12 mm or 15 mm enables use even in the smallest installation space!

Mini gas springs have a force of 7N to 400N and a stroke of 10mm to 150mm.

Thanks to CeramPro piston rings, mini gas springs are particularly resistant to corrosion, have low friction values ​​and optimal movement properties. Of course, we manufacture our smallest gas springs exactly according to your wishes. Stroke, installation length, strength and connecting parts are optimally adapted to your application. This means that our gas springs can be used in a wide variety of applications, such as:

And of course, all these size series are also available as shock absorbers!


We dampen and regulate your speed individually, regardless of the mounting position of the gas spring!

Individual damping with a dynamic groove in the cylinder body.
Thanks to the groove that is located in the body of the cylinder of this gas spring variant, the damping properties of the gas spring can be very individually adapted to the respective requirements of the customer. A very gentle transition to damping is possible and thus the structure itself can be protected. The groove is designed so that the damping characteristics meet the individual requirements of the customer.

Dynamic groove is used in a wide variety of industries. The most important industries include healthcare, the furniture industry, engineering and the production of special vehicles, as well as many other industries.


  • Ultimate damping guaranteed in every mounting position (horizontal or with piston rod pointing up).
  • Controlled damping possible regardless of position.
  • Individual damping characteristics are possible throughout the stroke.

#THIS IS BANSBACH Your temperature expert. Is your app starting to sweat?

Our gas springs stay cool!


Bansbach easylift gas springs are high quality products and can be used in extreme applications depending on the design. The durability of our gas springs is affected by a number of factors, and therefore the limits must not be exceeded. The basis is the standard types according to our catalog. Dimensional changes from standard lengths are possible, but must be requested individually. Please note that damping behavior/life may be affected when used in maximum temperature ranges. We have defined 4 ranges for optimal products in our temperature scale.

Our temperature settings: