With these hydraulic dampers from Bansbach easylift®, the speed in both the push-in and push-out direction can be adjusted precisely. The speed is controlled in both directions and the damping intensity can be adjusted by turning the piston rod.

Our flexible size options of HB dampers offer a wide range of damping for your application. The dampers will be pre-adjusted before the assembly into the application, allowing for adjustable damping intensity. You may also choose the connecting parts individually according to your specifications.

  • Approved Bansbach quality
  • Adjustable damping force
  • Damping possible in push direction, pull direction or in both directions
  • Black CeramPro®-coated piston rod
  • Guiding piece with integrated grease chamber
  • Wide range of connecting parts

More info in catalogue...

Bansbach easylift GmbH has prepared its new main catalogue.

In it you will find the most up-to-date information about the production range of this company with a tradition longer than 100 years.
Bansbach offers compression gas springs (standard or exactly as required), tension gas springs, locking compression and tension gas springs, shock absorbers, stainless steel gas springs, accessories for gas springs (ends, fittings...), column systems, hydraulic pumps for adjustment heights (tables, beds...), mirko hydraulic rollers, electric linear motors...


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