iFit, innovative, international, replaceable bevel gearboxes equipped with compact IE3 high efficiency electric motors (IEC or NEMA) and available with an ioT-based intelligent inverter. A compact design solution, fully interchangeable with excellent quality for all industrial applications increasing the productivity of companies.

The iFit gear motor is directly integrated with your machine and unlike most control solutions with comparable integrations, it equips it with real-time replacement without engineering costs. A wide range of design options for a smarter way to move your machines, more reliably than expected. Manufactured in our ISO certified factories, iFit is the result of Rossi's proven design expertise, reliable work processes and new state-of-the-art technologies.


  • Size: 7 sizes
  • Max. power P1 = 3 to 30 kW
  • Rated torque TN2 =224 to 4870 Nm
  • Gear ratio i = 5.4 to 197


iFit, is a new range of Rossi geared motors.
Rossi has used their experience to create a high-performance helical inline gear motor that is easy to configure and directly integrates with an industrial machine. User-friendly replacement and assembly in real time without investment in rework.

Equipped with compact high-efficiency IE3 (IEC or NEMA) electric motors, available with an ioT-based intelligent inverter.
Made in Rossi: quality for a perfect fit.


  • Size: 8 sizes
  • Max. power P1 = 3 to 30 kW
  • Rated torque TN2 =140 to 3350 Nm
  • Gear ratio i = 3.4 to 290

HEDCON® worm gearbox

HEDCON® is a high-efficiency, high-strength worm gear from SUMITOMO.

This gearbox is characterized by a low coefficient of friction on the gears with high efficiency.
It ensures minimum speed fluctuations with low noise and low vibrations.

Basic technical parameters:

  • Output shaft : Hollow shaft, solid shaft
  • Output shaft direction(s): Horizontal, vertical up, vertical down
  • Frame size: 11 sizes
  • Gear ratio range 5:1 - 100:1
  • Rated torque range: 790 - 82,100 Nm

SUMITOMO Fine Cyclo A-Series FC Type

Backlash-free cycloid gearboxes achieve very high positioning accuracy. In addition to accuracy, they also have other useful properties and are used, in addition to applications requiring high accuracy, in applications where small installation dimensions and high overload capacity are required.
One such application is, for example, automatic trays, which are part of every CNC machining center.

Variants of the input shaft:

  • Full shaft with pen
  • Clamping ring / clamping sleeve
  • Splined gear shaft


  • High rotation accuracy
  • High load capacity for small installation dimensions
  • Zero mechanical backlash
  • Lost movement <1 angular min
  • Number of sizes 6
  • Gear ratios 29:1 / 59:1 / 89:1 / 119:1 / 179:1 (availability depends on size)
  • Nominal torque 149 Nm to 3900 Nm
  • Acceleration torque 335 Nm to 7610 Nm
  • Max. Current peak torque 785 Nm to 24,000 Nm
  • Input speed up to 6150 rpm
  • Torsional stiffness up to 1100 Nm/arcmin
  • Maximum freedom and flexibility when installing external bearings and when integrating into specific machine designs