HANSEN Gearboxes

The HANSEN brand belongs to Sumitomo Drive Technologies, for which we are authorized agents in Slovakia.

For past / very old versions of HANSEN, we still provide documentation and support for 100% replacement of the old unit.

One of the most used types is:

Hansen P4 Single Stage gearbox

The Hansen P4 Single Stage gearbox is available in 9 different sizes with torque up to 170,000 Nm and output up to 10,500 kW.

To complement the Hansen P4 Multistage gearbox, Hansen has introduced an entirely new and innovative range of single-phase gearboxes that are suitable for a variety of applications requiring little reduction ratios such as paper machines, pumps, compressors,

Features Hansen P4 Single Stage:

  •     High service life.
  •     The rounded design has a smooth surface to minimize dirt or accumulation of moisture.
  •     Large inspection coverage.
  •     Two mounting positions of the cabinet, horizontal and upright.
  •     Our Oil-LockTM system is a standard seal for the high-speed shaft.
  •     Possibilities of improved protection, such as labyrinth seals, against dust or deaeration equipment.

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