More than 70 years of experience in drive technologies

First production of electric motors and gears at Sumitomo Heavy Industries, Ltd. she was began in the early 20th century.  In 1911, Sumitomo Machinery Co., Ltd. started to produce DC electric motors (3.7 kW) for copper mines in Besshi. At the end of the thirties, the company established a CYCLO Getriebebau Lorenz Braren KG Germany. Technical Cooperation Agreement. Sumitomo Drive Technologies was founded in 1939 and began to produce CYCLO® DRIVES. For more than 70 years, Sumitomo Drive Technologies has led the world in innovations in power transmission and management.

Small transmissions with 6W-90W power

Sumitomo Drive Technologies offers a wide range of compact transmissions, where reliability, efficiency and silent performance are their advantages. The ASTERO® gearmotor offers a modular engine system and offset-parallel gearboxes that give customers maximum flexibility. 

The HYPONIC gearbox provides the customer with a high efficiency, high torque and quiet performance that is designed for reliable service and maintenance-free operation. Hypoid technology is the key to high performance and compact design. 

The heart of the ALTAX® axle gearbox is the CYCLO® speed reduction concept. The CYCLO® concept is world-renowned as the best solution for speed reduction applications where customers demand reliability and performance. ALTAX® is the most suitable product for overload resistance applications.

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