Helical bevel gearboxes ROSSI

The G Series of ROSSI helical-bevel gearboxes combines and emphasizes the traditional qualities of parallel and rectangular shaft transmissions - strength, accuracy and reliability - with the advantages of modern design, manufacturing and operational criteria - with the best load capacity, versatility and ease of use, wide range of sizes, service, economy this type of gearbox is the best solution for your application.


  • BIBUS SK offers technical design and gearbox design based on real application and customer needs.
  • We can design a gearbox from calculations to delivery with, for example, an independent gearbox cooling unit if the situation so requires.
  • We respond flexibly to various special customer requirements and solving their problems.
  • servicing the gearbox is a matter of course


  • Universal «symmetrical» mounting: suitable for horizontal or vertical position

  • Lightweight and functional shaft design

  • Minimum maintenance requirements

  • High, reliable and tested performance

  • Suitable for the heaviest operating loads

  • IEC standard motor


- Wide range of accessories and non-standard designs
- One-piece gearbox with high structural rigidity

Technical features:

Size range 
20 sizes (40 ... 401)
0.09 ... 160 kW
Nominal torque 
≤ 103,000 N m
Gear ratio 
2 ... 160

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