Worm gear reducers and gear motors

A combination of modern concepts, analytical calculations carried out on each single part, use of the very latest machine tools, plus systematic checks on materials, assembling and workmanship, gives this series of gear reducers high efficiency, running precision, regular motion and noiselessness, constant performances, life and reliability, strength and overload withstanding and suitability for heaviest applications, wide size and ratio range, excellent service - the advantages typically associated with high quality worm gear reducers produced in large series.

  • Universal mounting having feet integral with casing on 3 faces (sizes 32 .. 81) or on 2 faces (sizes 100 ... 250) and B14 flange on 2 faces. Design and strength of the casing permit interesting shaft mounting solutions
  • Thickened size and performance gradation (some sequential sizes are obtained with the same casing and many components in common)
  • High, reliable and tested performances (Ni bronze); optimisation of worm gear pair performances (ZI involute profile and adequately conjugate worm wheel profile)
  • Compactness, standardised dimensions and compliance with standards
  • IEC standardised motor
  • Rigid and precise cast iron monolithic casing
  • Generous internal space between train of gears and casing allowing:
    • High oil capacity;
    • Lower oil pollution;
    • Greater duration of worm wheel and worm bearings;
    • Lower running temperature.
  • Possibility of fitting particularly powerful motors and transmitting high nominal and maximum torques
  • Improved and upgraded modular construction both for component parts and assembled product which ensures manufacturing and product management flexibility
  • High manufacturing quality standard
  • Possibility of obtaining multiple drives and at synchronous speed
  • Wide design and accessory availability: shaft-mounting arrangements, mixed keying systems with key and locking elements (rings for sizes 32 ... 50, bush for sizes 63 ... 250), square flanges for servomotors and hub clamp, reduced backlash, etc.
  • Rossi worm gear reducer and gear motor (image 840x580px)

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