VIDEOLAB - image processing system - Pulsotronic

Videolab is an intelligent solution for visual quality control. Videolab provides much faster control than the human eye and 100% accuracy.
Even defects of several micrometers may be detected. Quality assessments are still conducted with the same precision 24 hours a day, according to objective criteria.

The use is not only for spot check, but also for rigorous management of the whole production process. Ovens can be removed from the production process as soon as they are identified, thus avoiding unnecessary further processing, waste of raw materials, and slowing down the production process. Videolab as an intelligent sensor is a solution for every visual inspection at a rate of up to 6600 parts per minute.

One system - many benefits:

  • Easy to integrate into production processes
  • Simple operation
  • Flexible use
  • Programming knowledge is not necessary

Universal system for many tasks - Videolab G6

  • Possibility of expansion due to modular structure
  • Robust construction
  • State-of-the-art computing components
  • Modular structure of software

Compact system for special use - Videolab mini M2

  • All components in one cabinet
  • low price
  • Easy operation
  • SVGA monitor
  • Possibility to invite 128 projects
  • Surface inspection

Quality control for damage, scratches, dirt, cracks, cracks, color inclusions or other changes in the properties of metal, plastic, glass, rubber and textile surfaces as well as surfaces made of natural materials.

Checked: Automotive Anti-Locking System Cabinets, Respiratory Protection Filters, Cups, Sheets, Brake Hoses, Cockpit Displays, Caps, Deodorant Sockets, Cans, Disposable Syringes, Eccentric Rods, Filter Discs, Insulating Glass Mats Fibers, hydraulic tappets, ketchup bottles, clamping elements, collectors, contact pads, plastic cabinets, plastic closures, diaphragms, thread heads, PET bottles, rocker switches, closing cylinders, SMD / DIL components, Tapers, transponders, beverage bottles, cylinder heads, and others.

Completeness check

Completeness check of mounting parts, mounting, harmless / defective objects, coding, packaging, headings, holes, ....

Checked: anchors bakery, blister packs, bolts, confectionery foils, seals, differential, die cast products, disposable syringes, threads, bevelled edges of spring, packing height, crates, threads, rubber tubes, caps, , Adhesive tapes, buttocks, piston rings, gas tanks, ball bearings, coolers, lamp parts, conductive paths for pressed joints, jointed joints, needle bearings, rivets, seals, Lock latches, locks, keys, screws, welding, SDM / DIL components, brushes for washing, bar connectors, partitions, stampings, workpiece grips, sprays, wiper blades and others.

Check printed images

Inspection of images and patterns printed by any printing technique, in particular tampon printing.

Checked: ashtrays, brake pads, brake shields, cases, folding meters, mobile phone cases, terminal boxes, cooking pots, SDM / DIL components, tubes and others.


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