Asynchronous three-phase and brake motors

The new TX09 motor range includes:

  • Three-phase motors, single speed 2, 4, 6, 8, poles
  • «High efficiency» motors (EFF1 / IE2, EPAct “Energy Efficient”, MEPS) 4 poles sizes 80..132
  • Multi-voltage brake rectifier
  • Brake with ready air-gap reset
  • Suitability to NEMA environment as standard
  • Suitability to gear motor applications, as standard
  • Wide range of non-standard designs available.
  • New concept motor which shares the same stator windings, the same rotors, the same housings, the same flanges, the same performance and the majority of technical solutions with its twin series of brake motors (HBZ, HBF, HBV).
  • Energy saving and reduction of management costs thanks to the «increased efficiency» (EFF2 / IE1) as standard for 2, 4, 6 poles motors and thanks to the design «High Efficiency» (EFF1 / IE2, EPAct, MEPS2) for 4-poles motors sizes 80...132.
  • The electric design (terminal block, name plate, etc.) studied to comply, as standard, also with NEMA MG1-12 for the maximum application flexibility and facility
  • Strength and precision of mechanical construction, the generous bearings and the wide range of non-standard designs available on catalogue make this motor particularly suitable for coupling with gear motors.
  • rossi asynch motor 840x580

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