Bansbach Easylift - Easystop

Thanks to the special valve technology (in the retracting direction), Easystop gas springs offer a retaining force that allows any position adjustment. The lock is applied in the set position until the additional force (eg by hand) releases the valve and thereby releases the lock. There is no need for an external release system ...

In the extension direction, this model behaves like a standard compression gas spring, which assists in lifting the load. The spring force selected (relative to the weight of the load) should ensure that the spring does not start to spontaneously.

Easystop gas springs are available in two versions. The adjustable model (BY) is particularly suitable for the design phase to determine the necessary holding force. By turning the piston rod in the extended state it is possible to adjust the value up to max. 800N.

For orders with a larger number of pieces, it is recommended to use the non-adjustable model (BX) after specifying the required holding force.

Bansbach easylift GmbH has prepared its new main catalogue.

In it you will find the most up-to-date information about the production range of this company with a tradition longer than 100 years.
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