Bansbach - Our mini gas springs

... suitable for almost all applications!

The small series of gas springs (3/8 mm, 3/10 mm and 4/12 mm) are particularly suitable for limited space conditions because of their compact dimensions. The required space is only 3mm or 4mm for the piston rod. Even the cylinder diameter of 8mm, 10mm or 12mm makes it possible to fit into the smallest spaces.

Bansbach produces its smallest gas struts, of course, exactly according to your requirements. The stroke, total length, power and endings are tailored to specific applications. And all sizes are also available as shock absorbers ...

More information in the table:

Connecting parts piston rod

Connecting parts  


Push-out speed/damping



Extended length (EL1)

Index No.*

Extension force







166                 001*50
see Connecting parts see Connecting parts -0 fast, no end damping
1 fast, normal end damping
2 fast, increased end damping
3 normal, no end damping
4 normal, normal end damping
5 normal, increased end damping
6 slow, no end damping
7 slow, normal end damping
8 slow, increased end damping
9 other variations
K = 3/8
P = 3/10
G = 4/12



Stroke x 2 + 26
Stroke x 2 + 26
Stroke x 2 + 30

7 - 110 N
7 - 110 N
7 - 200 N



Bansbach easylift GmbH has prepared its new main catalogue.

In it you will find the most up-to-date information about the production range of this company with a tradition longer than 100 years.
Bansbach offers compression gas springs (standard or exactly as required), tension gas springs, locking compression and tension gas springs, shock absorbers, stainless steel gas springs, accessories for gas springs (ends, fittings...), column systems, hydraulic pumps for adjustment heights (tables, beds...), mirko hydraulic rollers, electric linear motors...


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