Danfoss PLUS+1

  1. PLUS + 1 control units and expansion modules in standard version or version with increased operational safety
    • 12 pin
    • 24 pin
    • 38 pin
    • 50 pin
    • 88 pin
    • 90 pin
  2. joysticks
    • The various embodiments of the holder (GRIP) and Electronics
    • and proportional output ON / OFF output, key staff on ...
    • analog
    • CAN
  3. Pedals
  4. Display and Camera
    • monochrome
    • colorful
    • different size and resolution
    • analog and digital inputs and outputs
  5. Sensors
    • pressure
    • temperatures
    • revolutions
    • SASA steering directional sensor
    • angle, position and angle
  6. Software
    • PLUS + 1 GUIDE software for custom programming control units
    • ready blocks and modules to facilitate software work
    • software blocks used Danfoss components (sensors for temperature, pressure, ...)

Position sensors for mobile hydraulics

Danfoss takes functional safety to the next level with a complete range of state-of-the-art sensors:

  • angle
  • position - cable sensor
  • tilt

Individual types of sensors are manufactured according to the PL d standard (EN ISO 13849-1: 2015), thanks to which the entire portfolio is suitable for "critical applications" in terms of safety.

For more than 30 years, Danfoss has been supplying reliable, durable and cost-effective sensors. Thanks to a complete range of sensors, Danfoss covers all types of mobile machines. These sensors provide machine builders with unrivaled flexibility to meet safety and environmental regulations.


  • Hall technology (angle and cable sensors)
  • MEMS technology (inclination sensors)
  • With single output or redundant
  • Output - CANopen, SAE J1939 or raciometric
  • Protection: IP67 - IP69K with connecting connector

Directional control of machines using joysticks

DANFOSS offers a wide range of joysticks for both mobile and industrial applications, including joysticks for controlling mobile machines.

DANFOSS PLUS + 1® software has an upgrade

The latest version of PLUS + 1® GUIDE and Service Tool

In early June, Danfoss released the latest version of PLUS + 1® GUIDE along with the Service Tool.
"We continue to work on the same principles that were applied to PLUS + 1® 17 years ago - fast, easy and open," said Kevin Faulds, Software Sales Manager at Danfoss Power Solutions. "The drag-and-drop architecture of PLUS + 1® GUIDE helps programmers in their work to bring intelligent vehicles to the market faster."

Particular enhancements include an image editor that adds resolution and size variability by keeping constant aspect ratios completely independent of the source. Further user experience enhancements create the consistency and modern look of the PLUS + 1® product range. In addition, Service Tool and GUIDE have been improved to be even more intuitive and clear.
Version 11.1 includes a choice of German or Chinese. All these updates are combined to provide customers with a more intelligent and comprehensive programming tool and help them create complex software solutions through a simple interface.
Danfoss also introduced a new and improved PLUS + 1® Update Center - an associated system that manages application and library downloads.

Overall, the latest version allows our customers to accelerate the design of their mobile machines by providing easier navigation, multilingual support and shorter development time.

DANFOSS Video - PLUS +1 Service Tool

Setting machine parameters in control units with Plus +1 Service Tool

DANFOSS Electronic Torque Limiting ETL

Save fuel and increase productivity

Danfoss Series 45 Hydro-Generator with Pressure / Flow Compensator (PCLS) and Electronic Torque Limiting (ETL) increases the system pressure proactively and automatically up to available engine torque, preventing engine stalling. This complete solution offers a way to differentiate your product through simplified operation, fuel economy and increased productivity.

The ETL system brings demonstrable advantages:

  • productivity gains of up to 22% compared to alternative torque controllers
  • up to 34% more material per liter of fuel
  • reduction of consumption by up to 16%

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