Danfoss PLUS+1

  1. PLUS + 1 control units and expansion modules in standard version or version with increased operational safety
    • 12 pin
    • 24 pin
    • 38 pin
    • 50 pin
    • 88 pin
    • 90 pin
  2. joysticks
    • The various embodiments of the holder (GRIP) and Electronics
    • and proportional output ON / OFF output, key staff on ...
    • analog
    • CAN
  3. Pedals
  4. Display and Camera
    • monochrome
    • colorful
    • different size and resolution
    • analog and digital inputs and outputs
  5. Sensors
    • pressure
    • temperatures
    • revolutions
    • SASA steering directional sensor
    • angle, position and angle
  6. Software
    • PLUS + 1 GUIDE software for custom programming control units
    • ready blocks and modules to facilitate software work
    • software blocks used Danfoss components (sensors for temperature, pressure, ...)


Flexible and effective remote control for work machines and equipment.

DANFOSS PLUS+1® remote controls

Our PLUS+1® remote controls represent the latest in human-machine interface technology. Through radio technology, the operator is kept at a safe distance while increasing productivity. Our user-friendly programming tools and plug and play systems ensure quick customization and commissioning.
Our remote controls are robust, ergonomic and safe.

Pressure transducers MBS1200 and MBS1250

Danfoss offers compact MBS 1200 and MBS 1250 pressure transmitters for machine and equipment manufacturers:

  • MBS 1200 – without integrated shock absorber
  • MBS 1250 – with integrated pulse damper

The integrated shock absorber provides a high degree of protection against cavitation and hydraulic shocks.

Thanks to their robustness, these pressure transducers are intended for use in the most demanding hydraulic applications.


  • standard measuring range graduated from 10 bar to 600 bar
  • accuracy ±0.5% of the total range
  • for medium and ambient temperatures from -40°C to 125°C
  • standard output electrical signals: 4...20 mA, 0...5 VDC, 1...5 VDC, 1...6 VDC, 0...10 VDC, 10...90% proportional voltage
  • parts in contact with the measured medium are made of stainless steel
  • a wide range of hydraulic and electrical connections
  • EMC protection up to 100 V/m

Danfoss introduces the new PC036 drive controller and PC-GO software

DanfossPower Solutions announces the launch of the new PC036 drive controller and the corresponding PC-GO software. This new platform is fully compatible with PLUS+1®, uses the PLUS+1 service tool and offers the following main benefits to your customers:

  • Reduced time to market – up to 35% in vehicle development time
  • Highly configurable – your machine is designed according to your wishes
  • Designed for safety applications with SIL2/PLd
  • Robust design especially for mobile devices
  • Full graphic user interface PLUS+1 with no license fees

DANFOSS–Display DM430M for marine applications

DanfossPower Solutions has introduced its first display specifically for marine applications.
The DM430M display is durable, easy to read and programmable for a wide range of applications. It is resistant to dirt, dust, weather, vibrations and other conditions.

"We have expanded our rigorous testing process - verifying operational, physical and environmental requirements - to include certification from the American Bureau of Shipping."

Robust for the sea, efficient for performance

The DM430M display offers customers peace of mind and more control. Key features include:

  • Built and certified for the marine environment — This marine display from Danfoss is certified for the marine market with ABS type approval, meaning customers will not need to independently test and document its performance. It also meets strict electromagnetic emission requirements to ensure no radio interference, meaning it can be seamlessly integrated into any vessel.
  • IP66/67 Compliant — This display meets the most stringent requirements for operation in harsh conditions. Whether used on deck or in the engine room, the DM430M is built to perform.
  • Excellent visibility in all lighting conditions — The optically bonded screen with an anti-reflective coating is optimized to provide excellent visibility at all times of the day. Using an integrated light sensor, the DM430M display series can be programmed to automatically switch between day and night mode, adjusting brightness from the highest sunlight to the darkest hours at sea.
  • Customizable screen — Greater control over what information is displayed and how it looks also increases overall flexibility. Ship owners can use one product in multiple locations and determine the best inputs based on the application. As a PLUS+1® compatible product, this display can be programmed with easy-to-use screen customization features and a library of widgets, all on the latest release of the PLUS+1 platform.
  • Simplifies Electrification Integration – As more shipbuilders integrate electrification systems, there are more digital components to monitor and control. The DM430M is designed to work seamlessly with digital systems as up to five additional inputs can be added without an additional I/O module. Additionally, it is designed to pair with a highly efficient marine DC system from DanfossEditron.
  • The DM430M display is ideal for pairing with propulsion systems, in the navigation bridge, on cranes and winches and much more.

DANFOSS - MC018 high current control unit

The new Danfoss MC018 high-current control unit provides machine and equipment manufacturers with enough energy to control several applications simultaneously up to a total current of 120 A continuously.
Safety is a top priority - to meet this requirement, the MC018 has a separate power supply for the logic partition, which allows fault detection and communication even in the event of a fault in the power section of the control electronics. Thus, the control unit is still able to send diagnostic information to the higher-level control unit, even in the event of a short circuit or blown fuse.
The PLUS + 1® High Current control unit uses a 32-bit Cortex-M3 processor, which provides extremely high duty cycle speeds.
Users develop applications for the MC018-130 using PLUS + 1® GUIDE - GUIDE is a user-friendly, field-proven graphical programming tool that is based on Microsoft Windows.


  • User programmable with PLUS + 1® GUIDE (Graphical User Integrated Development Environment)
  • 18 pin control unit: 2x DEUTSCH connector (DT and DTP), 2x 6 mm screw
  • 12-bit analog-to-digital converter
  • ARM 32 bit Cortex-M3 with a frequency of 120 MHz
  • 4x entrance
    • 2x universal user-defined input (DIN, AIN, FreqIN; Rheost)
    • 1x universal user-defined input (DIN, AIN)
    • 1x universal user-defined input (DIN, AIN, CAN shield)
  • 8x output
    • 4x universal user-defined output (PWMOUT, DOUT, PVGOUT) up to 15A
    • 4x universal user-defined output (PWMOUT, DOUT, PVGOUT) up to 25A
    • Power supply 9 to 36VDC with a maximum current of 120A
    • Operating temperature -40 to 70 ° C

DANFOSS - CS10 wireless gateway

CS10 is a wireless gateway. It is designed by safety experts for the severe operating conditions common to mobile work machines.
The CS10 is a rugged and secure wireless device that allows machines with a CAN system to monitor local or remote machine settings and settings. CS10 is a wireless replacement for a wired gateway, such as CG150. CS10 also allows the creation of a wireless connection between two devices - the creation of so-called bridge.
Secure data encryption and flexible device APIs further increase reliability and integration with existing applications.


  • Wi-Fi access point and client
  • Bluetooth 4.2 with DLE
  • Bluetooth peripheral LE
  • CAN Flexible baud rate (50,100,125,250,500,1000 Kbps)
  • supports v4 and v6 internet protocol
  • creation of remote device connection - bridge
  • delayed shutdown function to maintain a wireless connection
  • support J1939, KWP2000, UDS
  • LE Secure connections with the Just Works pairing model
  • resistant to mechanical damage
  • visual indicators of power supply, Wi-Fi connections, Bluetooth connections, CAN connections
  • ready-made customer solution - Plug and Perform
  • programmable with PLUS + 1® GUIDE
  • IP67 protection (with connected connector)
  • the internal memory allows the recording of operating data

Position sensors for mobile hydraulics

Danfoss takes functional safety to the next level with a complete range of state-of-the-art sensors:

  • angle
  • position - cable sensor
  • tilt

Individual types of sensors are manufactured according to the PL d standard (EN ISO 13849-1: 2015), thanks to which the entire portfolio is suitable for "critical applications" in terms of safety.

For more than 30 years, Danfoss has been supplying reliable, durable and cost-effective sensors. Thanks to a complete range of sensors, Danfoss covers all types of mobile machines. These sensors provide machine builders with unrivaled flexibility to meet safety and environmental regulations.


  • Hall technology (angle and cable sensors)
  • MEMS technology (inclination sensors)
  • With single output or redundant
  • Output - CANopen, SAE J1939 or raciometric
  • Protection: IP67 - IP69K with connecting connector

Directional control of machines using joysticks

DANFOSS offers a wide range of joysticks for both mobile and industrial applications, including joysticks for controlling mobile machines.

DANFOSS PLUS + 1® software has an upgrade

The latest version of PLUS + 1® GUIDE and Service Tool

In early June, Danfoss released the latest version of PLUS + 1® GUIDE along with the Service Tool.
"We continue to work on the same principles that were applied to PLUS + 1® 17 years ago - fast, easy and open," said Kevin Faulds, Software Sales Manager at Danfoss Power Solutions. "The drag-and-drop architecture of PLUS + 1® GUIDE helps programmers in their work to bring intelligent vehicles to the market faster."

Particular enhancements include an image editor that adds resolution and size variability by keeping constant aspect ratios completely independent of the source. Further user experience enhancements create the consistency and modern look of the PLUS + 1® product range. In addition, Service Tool and GUIDE have been improved to be even more intuitive and clear.
Version 11.1 includes a choice of German or Chinese. All these updates are combined to provide customers with a more intelligent and comprehensive programming tool and help them create complex software solutions through a simple interface.
Danfoss also introduced a new and improved PLUS + 1® Update Center - an associated system that manages application and library downloads.

Overall, the latest version allows our customers to accelerate the design of their mobile machines by providing easier navigation, multilingual support and shorter development time.

DANFOSS Video - PLUS +1 Service Tool

Setting machine parameters in control units with Plus +1 Service Tool

DANFOSS Electronic Torque Limiting ETL

Save fuel and increase productivity

Danfoss Series 45 Hydro-Generator with Pressure / Flow Compensator (PCLS) and Electronic Torque Limiting (ETL) increases the system pressure proactively and automatically up to available engine torque, preventing engine stalling. This complete solution offers a way to differentiate your product through simplified operation, fuel economy and increased productivity.

The ETL system brings demonstrable advantages:

  • productivity gains of up to 22% compared to alternative torque controllers
  • up to 34% more material per liter of fuel
  • reduction of consumption by up to 16%

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