Built-in valves for industrial use


  • Design for gate valves or poppet
  • Two-position and three-position
  • 2, 3, 4-way distributors
  • Single-stage (direct control) and two-stage (indirect control with control stage)
  • Manually operated hydraulic, pneumatic, electric
  • Built-in (cartridge) or mounting plate (CETOP)
  • Selected distributors in versions for explosive atmospheres (ATEX)

One-way valves:

  • Unidirectional logical three-way valves
  • Selection valves
  • One-way valves
  • One-way valve with bypass
  • Hydraulic locks - controlled opening
  • Hydraulic locks - controlled closure

And pressure reducing valves:

  • Directly managed Bypass valves
  • Nepriamoriadené bypass valves
  • Reducing valves directly managed
  • Nepriamoriadené reducing valves
  • Safety valves with bypass
  • Sequence valves

Butterfly valves:

  • Built-in butterfly valves
  • Butterfly valves in modular design
  • Two-way flow control valves with pressure gradient stabilization
  • Three-way butterfly valves with the stabilization of the pressure gradient
  • Dividers and connectors Flow

Brake valves:

  • Triggering brake valves
  • Triggering brake valves, partly independent of the dynamic pressure
  • Triggering brake valves, completely independent of the dynamic pressure
  • Triggering brake valves, quite balanced, with internal drainage

Proportional technology:

  • Proportional distributors for installation on board brightness NG4, NG6 and NG10
  • Directly controlled bypass solenoid actuated proportional valves
  • Indirectly administered by the overflow solenoid actuated proportional valves
  • Directly controlled proportional solenoid reducing valves
  • Indirectly controlled by reducing solenoid actuated proportional valves
  • Two-way pressure regulator
  • Three-way pressure regulator
  • Electronics for control proportional valves

Connecting rods and blocks:

  • Terminal Connecting plates
  • Convection built-in valves
  • Cover plates
  • Connection board
  • Adapter plate for built-in valves


Indirectly controlled 2/2 saddle built-in distributor with high volume flow and excellent tightness in both directions
SD3E-C2*S5 ( S6 )

Available basic shell positions 2S5 (closed) or 2S6 (open).


  • High tightness of the cone in both directions
  • Extremely high hydraulic performance
  • Flow rate up to 150 l/min, working pressure up to 350 bar
  • Normally closed (2S5) and normally open (2S6) variant
  • Coil interchangeable within the SD*-C/H* product line
  • A wide selection of emergency controls mainly for connecting the S6
  • Lifetime guaranteed up to 10 million cycles

Technical parameters:

  • Flow rate up to 150 l/min, working pressure up to 350 bar
  • standardized chamber 1-1/16-12 UN
  • NBR seal (liquid operating temperature range -30 … +80°C)
  • FKM seal (liquid operating temperature range -20 … +80°C)
  • High level of surface protection by galvanizing according to ISO 9227 (resistance 520 h)

Voith Technology Group takes over ARGO-HYTOS.

ARGO-HYTOS – a company based in Baar, Switzerland, develops and manufactures hydraulic components and system solutions with a focus on the mobile hydraulics sector (agricultural tractors, road and construction machinery, etc.).
The underlying agreement was signed on June 6, 2022. The deal is expected to be completed in August 2022, subject to all regulatory approvals. Both parties agreed not to disclose financial details of the transaction.

Voith is a technological leader in drive technology in various industries. The mobile hydraulics sector has been defined as another growth area for Voith Turbo. With its more than 70 years of experience, its focus on technology and innovation, as well as its clear customer orientation, the family business ARGO-HYTOS is a perfect fit for Voith. This makes ARGO-HYTOS the ideal entry point for Voith into this promising market.

Voith will acquire 79.5% of ARGO-HYTOS shares through the acquisition. The continued participation of the two previous owners – Christian Kienzle and FSP CAPCELLENCE – gives a strong signal that ARGO-HYTOS will consistently and continuously continue on the successfully embarked path even with the new ownership structure.

4/2 electromagnetically controlled switchboard with axial encoder and functional safety certificate

Argo - Hytos presents you with an improved RPE3-062x / xS3 switchgear with axial encoder, new with TÜV SÜD certification!

RPE3-062x / xS3 *


  • High hydraulic power
  • Low pressure losses
  • Contactless inductive valve position sensor with double inverted output signal
  • Wide selection of valve connections, supply voltage and coil connectors
  • High level of surface protection by galvanizing according to ISO 9227 (resistance 520 h)
  • Guaranteed service life of up to 10 million cycles

Technical parameters

  • Maximum flow up to 80 l / min (21 GPM)
  • Maximum working pressure up to 350 bar (5,080 PSI)
  • NBR seals (for temperatures from -30… + 80 ° C)
  • FPM seals (for temperatures from -20… + 80 ° C)
  • Low sensor switching point hysteresis

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