Proportional distributors with built-in electronics

On-Board Electronics (OBE) is the direct and best way to compensate for the non-linear behavior of the switchboard. The position sensor and electronics on the switchgear body complement the control circuit directly on the power system member. Mechanical tolerances, friction, hysteresis and wear do no longer cause disturbances in the accuracy of the appliance's movement. With modern machine monitoring, the sensor information can also be sent to the machine's control system.

Benefits of deploying proportional technology

Efficiency, speed, accuracy, low hysteresis, repeatability, and the ability to change management are the key benefits of implementing proportional technology in hydraulic applications. ARGO-HYTOS switchboards, combined with advanced electronics, are able to meet the demands placed on a large number of stationary and mobile applications.
ARGO-HYTOS develops and manufactures proportional switchboards that enable customers to benefit fully from the benefits of proportional technology.
The new PRM9-06 and PRM9-10 cabinets with advanced electronics and mechanical components and together with rugged design make this possible.


  • available in two sizes 06 - (D03) and 10 (D05) according to ISO 4401
  • Feedback from a slider or a managed system
  • Digital OBE for control in closed loop control with high dynamic response
  • Feedback position feedback reduces hysteresis
  • It is also used to control the position and speed of hydraulic motors
  • meets the requirements for impact and vibration, EMC, IP, environmental and temperature requirements
  • durable construction / reduced cabling required / high corrosion resistance


  • Highly transmitted hydraulic power with smooth control
  • Constant / unchanged parameters under different operating conditions
  • Optional: Fieldbus access / communication, CANopen connection

Advantages and Benefits:

  • one solution for several control signals - parameterization within one switch cabinet version
  • user-friendly interfaces (LED, μUSB)
  • Easy-to-use software
  • Optical signaling of switchboard status via 3 LEDs
  • Improved anti-corrosion protection for the mobile machinery industry (ISO 9227, 520 h salt spray)
  • Excellent resistance to impact and vibration

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