Kenos® Vacuum gripping systems

Kenos® is a leading brand for large area vacuum grippers. It is designed and optimized to be used in various applications e.g. packaging, wood, food etc. The product group represents a flexible solution for the handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and compactness. Most of the gripping systems can be equipped with integrated vacuum generation or suitable for separated vacuum generation (Pump or Side channel blower). The integrated vacuum generator is a modular multi-stage COAX® ejector of easy maintenance and the market's most energy efficient ejector technology. The number of ejectors can also very simply be increased even after the installation if necessary. The foam is made of a technical foam (FDA mat approved available), with different pitch holes and thickness or pads depending of the product to be gripped and on the requirement of the application.


The KCS series is a flexible gripper handling solution for collaborative robots (Cobots). It is characterized by its flexibility in handling a large number of objects. Available with foam technology and flow controllers or bag handling. KCS are equipped with one or two COAX® SX ejectors that are easy to maintain. The fast clamping system makes it easy to quickly disconnect the gripper from the pump unit. Various robot interface options comply with ISO 9409-1, making installation easier. Integrated control valves and vacuum sensors are optional in the KCS Configurator.


KVG series represents a flexible solution for the handling manipulation of several products with different shapes, dimensions and compactness due to the double technology available.


Kenos® Heavy Vacuum KHVG series products, are designed for heavy duty applications in the wood and stone industry.


KSG series products, Kenos® Sack Gripper, are suitable to handle sacks with different shapes, weights and materials.


KBC series products, Kenos® Bag Cup, born from the need of handling in the food industry and handling liquid bags they are suitable also with flow pack applications.


KVGL-S product series, Kenos® Vacuum Grip - per Layer – Standard, looks at the wide world of packaging, end line automation and other applications.


Kenos® Vacuum Layer – Cans Jars, born for the need to handle the complete layer of cans, jars that can be open or closed on the gripping area.

Kenos KSL

The new Kenos®Safe&Light foam gripper: An extra light solution from Piab that will simplify your palletizing processes in any environment thanks to its extremely light and robust design. The foam's magnetic fastening system allows it to be replaced in a matter of seconds.

Applications: end-of-line processes, packaging, storage and handling of wooden parts.

Kenos KBC

Do you need an optimal solution for handling flexible packaging or bags? Our Kenos® KBC#gripper ensures efficient, fast and safe handling of liquid bags, small pouches and flow packs.
A unique feature of the Kenos® KBC gripper is the absence of rubber seals. This translates into a significant advantage for the customer: there is no need to store any spare parts in the warehouse. In addition, no machine downtime is required for maintenance.

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