Movomech electric and pneumatic balancers

Innovative balanced pneumatic chain lift

Mechbalancer is an outbalanced pneumatic chain lift often used for high-frequent handling, and is to advantage combined with an uncomplicated ‘hook’ type of gripper, or one with pneumatic locking function. It has a low dead weight, a stroke of up to 1.5 meter and load capacity of up to 50 kg. The lifting speed is stepless, controlled by a sensitive peed handle.

Mechbalancer is mounted in a rail system or in a wall or pillar mounted jib crane, and its typical range of application include handling components in the manufacturing industry, light vehicle components, pallet loading, or handling to or from feeder bands or roller conveyors, and much more.

Flexible, balancing manipulator

Mechspaceis a pneumatic moment-absorbing lift which great manoeuvre capabilities that gives an extensive range of movement within its large work area. The lifter is available in two sizes, for loads up to 70 kg or 150 kg, and is delivered outbalanced for a range of various loads, or with balancing function for one or more permanent loads. The lifter is usually mounted in a rail system, but is also available in a pillar mounted version. The maximum lifting stroke is 1000 mm.

Mechspace is the obvious choice when the lifter’s reach is of great importance, for example when the operator is handling details under extruding machine roofing, inside vehicles or in areas difficult to access. Its moment-absorbing capacity gives it advantages in complex handling manoeuvres, such as gripping and rotation of eccentric loads.

Typical applications for Mechspace is for example handling various vehicle parts such as doors, sunroofs, seats, windshields, hoods, and many more. It can also be used in holding assembly tools, such as large-format screwdrivers.


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