Schunk Pneumatic 2-Finger Parallel Grippers PSH series (metric verson) - Long-stroke Grippers

Rapid loading and unloading unit on a swivel head base. Due to the sturdiness of this unit, it is particularly suitable for use in machine tools.

2-Finger parallel gripper with long jaw stroke and dirt-resistant round guides for slightly dirty working environments and a broad range of parts.

Your advantages and benefits

  • High maximum moments possible suitable for the use of long gripper fingers
  • Dirt-protected round guides sealed, for long strokes
  • Mounting to two gripper sides with centering for universal and flexible gripper mounting
  • Air supply via hose-free direct connection or screw connections for the flexible supply of compressed air in all automation systems
  • Comprehensive sensor accessories for diverse monitoring tasks and stroke position monitoring
  • Schunk series PSH parallel gripper (image 840x580px)

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