The SCHUNK intelligent gripper won the Red Dot Design Award 2021

Innovative, ergonomic, quick start-up: Thanks to the intelligent design of the SCHUNK EGH, automation with cobots is particularly easy, which is why the gripper has been awarded the prestigious Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the "product design" category.

 The SCHUNK EGH gripper allows easy entry into the world of work with cobots. The plug-work-compatible module starter kit is pre-assembled to the customer and contains all the necessary components for assembly and commissioning: from the adapter plate, suitable finger sets, assembly tool to plug-in modules for trouble-free implementation in robotic robot control from companies Universal Robots or Techman Robot. Commissioning and programming of the universal grip EGH is performed intuitively and can be completed within 30 minutes. With flexible fingers and a variably adjustable stroke of 80 mm, the gripper covers a particularly wide range of workpieces and is versatile. IO-Link control allows individual definition of the finger position and evaluation of the gripper status for each gripping process. Parallel kinematics ensure a constant gripping force throughout the stroke. The intelligent gripper also scores points in terms of ergonomics and design: its outer contour is rounded and equipped with softtouch elements, thanks to which it is easy and pleasant to guide. EGH is particularly suitable for use in cells with protective fences or for applications where there is no direct overlap between the human and robot workspace (coexistence).

Typical areas of application are the handling and tasks of Pick & Place in clean and slightly polluted environments, such as in the automotive and electrical industries or in metalworking companies. The individual state of the gripper can be indicated by an integrated LED light band, which allows smooth interaction between humans and robots. The intelligent, flexible gripper from a top expert in the field of gripping systems and clamping technology convinces functionally and optically with its sophisticated concept and attractive design. The jury of the most important Red Dot Design Award 2021 in the world attracted and awarded the EGH gripper in the "product design" category. The judges evaluated the quality of the design and the degree of product innovation from approximately 60 countries in a multi-day process. This year, more companies and design studios have competed in the 60-year history of the award than ever before.

Flexible gripper from SCHUNK with a long adjustable stroke for easy automation with cobots.

Flexible gripping and transfer of small to medium-sized workpieces in the field of handling, assembly and electronics.
The long stroke of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH can cover a very wide range of workpieces. The gripping fingers are particularly suitable for placement throughout the stroke. The robust parallel movement of the fingers ensures a constant gripping force in position throughout the stroke. Height adjustment for the robot is not necessary.

Easy and fast installation

The SCHUNK Co-act EGH gripper design allows a quick and easy attachment of the gripper to the robot. First, the included adapter plate is attached to the robot flange using the supplied mounting material. Subsequently, thanks to the quick-release mounting fastener, the gripper can be easily attached to the adapter plate with the enclosed hex key. Finally, just make an electrical connection.

A starter kit is available for quick and easy installation of the SCHUNK Co-act gripper EGH. It contains all the necessary components for the successful mounting of the gripper on the robot and its commissioning.

Your added value 

  • Long and freely programmable stroke for flexible workpiece handling
  • Gripping movement with parallel kinematics for constant gripping force during the entire stroke
  • Quick commissioning, programming and easy use of the intelligent grip actuator thanks to the Plug & Work starter kit incl. URCaps accessory from SCHUNK
  • Optionally attachable flexible fingers for greater flexibility and range of gripper use

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