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New ESI Product Data Sheets for 2020

Our product datasheets have been freshly updated and they're available to download from our website!

Now include product weights, and product coding for DNV-GL products. You can also check out the new HI6000 high temperature transmitter spec!


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Depth Level
The PR3400 series of submersible depth and level transmitters has been designed for the accurate measurement of depth and level of fluids. The standard version has an output signal of 4-20mA with options of 0-5Vdc and 0-10Vdc. Several versions are offered to meet the customer’s exact requirements.  

These products have been designed to meet the varying requirements for accurate differential pressure measurement, whether for wet/wet or for low pressure air applications. In addition, a comprehensive range of digital panel meters and accessories are also available.  

General Purpose Standard
The GENSPEC GS4200 pressure transmitter, featuring Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology, has been designed to meet the operational requirements of demanding pressure measurement applications where good quality, fast delivery and low cost are a high priority.

High Pressure
The HIPRES range now extends the Silicon-on-Sapphire pressure sensor technology into very high pressure applications, with operating ranges up to 4000bar. The range still maintains an extremely high level of performance.  

High Specification
A series of pressure transducers, with state of the art Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology, offering high levels of accuracy and performance, previously unobtainable or prohibitively expensive.

Hygienic Sanitary
The following products are suitable for use in environments that demand high levels of hygiene and where sanitary applications are of high importance. Such industries include food processing, pharmaceutical, petrochemical, waste water and slurry handling. In addition a comprehensive range of digital panel meters and accessories are available.  

Low Pressure
The Low Pressure series now extends pressure sensor technology into very low pressure applications, with operating ranges as low as 0-25mbar, and still with the same high level of performance customers have come to rely on from Ellison Sensors.  

Panel Meter
ESI Digital Panel Meters have a wide range of scalability making them suitable to display many different physical variables, such as temperature, pressure, weight and humidity.  

The PROTRAN range provides highly stable pressure transmitters for use with liquids or gases, process and industrial, depth or level or for hygienic barrier seal use. Various models are available within each range, and zero span adjustment onsite on many ranges. Please see individual datasheets for exact specification  

Tank Contents Gauge
The TCG2000 Digital Tank Contents Gauge has been designed to meet the specific requirements of bulk liquid mass measurement on storage tanks, for stock control and local readout.  

USB Pressure Transducer
The USB Pressure Transducer has been designed to measure, analyse and record pressure directly onto a PC or laptop, without the need for costly IO interface boards.  

The PR9500 pressure transmitter has been designed for safe operation in tough industrial and process applications, without the need for hard wiring. The PR9500 can be situated in hazardous and relatively inaccessible areas, allowing the operator to monitor at safe distances on site.

  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series PR9000
  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series PR3440
  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series PR3200
  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series LP1000
  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series HP1003
  • ESI pressure transmitter/transducer series GS4300
  • ESI pressure transmitter series GS4200USB

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