Industrial conveyors Piab - piFLOW®i

This is a conveyor widely used in general industry and sometimes in the chemical industry. It is characterized by high permeability as well as small dimensions. This conveyor is often used as an alternative to mechanical conveyors when dust-free transport or low maintenance is required. Another advantage is that the pump is based on COAX® technology, which represents the most energy-efficient way of producing vacuum. Capacity up to 7.5 tons/h. General industry often processes abrasive powders that require specially designed equipment. Our conveyors are designed with a stainless steel body (ASTM 304) to resist wear parts. Piab conveyors have ATEX Dust certification. piFLOW®p and piFLOW®t have ATEX Gas certification. All conveyors are available with either a vacuum pump driven ejector or a mechanical pump


  • COAX® technology is used in the pump. The most energy-efficient method of vacuum production.
  • The material used is ASTM 304.
  • piFLOW®i is easy to install and easy to use.
  • Has ATEX Dust certification.
  • Has an antistatic filter and seals.
  • piFLOW®i is a cost-effective solution when no hygiene standards are required, e.g. FDA.

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