Deublin: Implementing a large number of sensors in devices

Increasing automation or monitoring of equipment and systems now involves the integration of a much larger number of sensors into equipment.
Despite the overall miniaturization, some space is still needed for sensors as well as for wires and cables to connect them. An additional degree of difficulty arises when data and power for the sensors are routed through the rotating element. Another approach may be to focus on better use of installation space inside the device or to conserve resources. One option is to use configurable collectors at interfaces between fixed and rotating machine parts. Since the number of electrical channels is already standard from 18 to 54, many sensors can be routed in this way. Also, the current "Single Pair Ethernet" (SPE) trend, ie transmission of power and data with only two lines (+ shielding), can be accomplished by rotary interconnection using the latest collector technologies and realized at transfer rates up to 100 Mbit with parallel power ranging from 6 to 60 V. If "SPE" is combined with a suitable collector, the number of sensors can continue to increase without changing the floor plan of the device. Appropriate customer design can be customized with the help of Deublin Technical Department.
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