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Gum shock dampers from ACE are designed, for example, to reduce the impact of vibrations and vibrations of machines and engines, to improve working conditions and the environment, as well as to increase production quality. Customers, especially in the industry using transport systems, air springs, and compressors, now have the opportunity to achieve these goals through a technical solution from ACE - eight different types of rubber shock absorbers.

Another great impulse comes with the special catalog offered by ACE. In the case of simple constructions, customers in the catalog can choose the right model based on the charts. For more sophisticated solutions, ACE offers, through its distributors, technical support so that the rubber dampers can be tailored to meet specific needs in every situation. In both cases, these innovative products represent an improvement in machine dynamics and a higher production rate in day-to-day operations. Other benefits include the longer life of machines equipped with these mufflers, due to reduced stress.


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