BPS Pneumatic stepping motor - Baumgartner Maschinenbau AG

Product characteristics

  • For set and adjustments
  • Compact and powerful
  • Stays in position when power line fails
  • Optional with confirmation of position (internal sensors)

Functionality and Precision
The Baumgartner Maschinenbau AG BPS stepping motor creates rotation by means of a pneumatic activation of three internal pistons. Depending on the switching sequence of the control valves, a precise left/right 3° rotation is performed. The BPS can also be provided with a hollow shaft and spindle in order to generate a linear movement. Thanks to its unique construction, the BPS offers a maximum of precision. The tolerance is always ±9’ angular minutes, irrespective of the number of steps or rotations!

Wide range of applications
Whether dust, dirt or powerful magnetic fields, the pneumatic drive also offers trouble-free operation in extreme conditions.

Compact powerhouse with self-retention
Even the smallest series of BPS stepping motors is certain to impress with a torque of 1.7 Nm and compact diameter of only 52 mm. The self-retention mechanism keeps the BPS in its position even in the event of a power failure. This means that there is no step loss, thus allowing the BPS to serve as an absolute measuring system as well.

Extreme operating conditions
The BPS reveals its strenghts in the presence of dust, dirt or strong magnetic fields: pneumatic actua-tion permits smooth operation even under the most difficult conditions (operating temperature -25 ° to +70 °C, IP 55). The BPS only offers limited suitability for direct drive of rotating parts with high mass.

Small but powerful
Even the smallest model series produces a convincing torque of 1.7 Nm with a compact 52 mm diameter.

Even in the event of a power failure, the BPS maintains its position – No step loss occurs. A major advantage for tough applications.

With its unique design, the BPS ensures maximum accuracy. The tolerance amounts to a constant ±9 minutes of angle, regardless of the number of steps!

Easy actuation
Directly via the Matrix valve with 3 valves (3/2-way), with or without sensors: the BPS can be incorpo-rated without great complexity into a stored program control. For the “Siemens S7-300” SPC, free program modules are obtainable.

Sensor unit
All types are available with a sensor unit, reporting the end position of the pistons to a SPC.

BPS IP version
Specially protected motor housing for operation in Ex zones. Certificated for Ex zones 1, 2, 21 and 22.

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