The new ERP rotary unit from SCHUNK

With the new ERP rotary unit, SCHUNK is bringing to the market a new generation of universally usable, mechatronic rotary modules that allow flexible, accurate and dynamic rotary movements in compact spaces while virtually wear-free and maintenance-free.
A flat, high-performance module based on a permanent magnet torque motor and equipped with an absolute encoder. In addition, it instantly ensures repeat accuracy of up to 0.01 ° without the need for a reference start, as well as fast response and high torque. The large center hole allows cables and hoses to pass through or even use cameras. 

  • Three sizes 12, 50 and 300 with nominal torque of 1.2 Nm, 5 Nm and 30 Nm
  • Outer diameter 120 mm, 167 mm and 277 mm
  • Moment of inertia 0.0021 kgm2, 0.2 kgm2 and 4.5 kgm2
  • Standardized plug connector (M12 / M17)

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