SIT - Belt Transmissions

The belt drives are formed by the interaction of pulleys and belts

  • The pulley is a wheel that is part of the belt drive, transmitting energy from the rotating shaft to the belt and vice versa
  • The belts may be toothed or wedge and their function is to transfer the torque from the drive pulley to the driven pulley

Belt Drive Types:

  • Toothed belt gears
  • Wedge belt gears

 The wedge belt transmission can slip because it does not have gears on the pulleys, it is more suitable for transmitting less torque.
For applications where higher torque transmission is required, toothed belt gears are more appropriate, as the teeth on the inner belt fit precisely with the pulley toothing to prevent slippage.
The pulley material is an aluminum or steel alloy, while the belts are made of softer but very solid materials with internal reinforcement (e.g. neoprene with polyester fiber inner cords).


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