Electronic pressure switch / sensor with two outputs TSE3-D

We are pleased to introduce you another ArgoHytos product innovation no. 6/2019.
This time it has strengthened the pressure switch area with the new TSE3-D Electronic Pressure Switch!

Technical parameters:

  • Two switching outputs, 1 programmable as IO-Link, 1 as analog I / U output & switching point accuracy <± 0.4%
  • Possibility to rotate switch body up to 345 ° for optimum connector position & high vibration and shock resistance / IP67 degree of protection
  • UL and EU Pressure Equipment (PED) certification
  • High operating temperature & short response time <1.5 ms
  • Parameter setting via software via IO-Link (PDM) communication interface
  • Long-term stability with overload protection & guaranteed lifetime of 100 million switching cycles
  • Stainless steel housing and solid case prevent the display from bursting when rotating
  • User-friendly operation thanks to intuitive functions such as red / green display color for better monitoring of desired switching values

Documentation - catalogs, manual and sales promotion presentations:
Documentation in Slovak, English and German is available in the appendix.

The product manuals will be officially available by the end of August 2019 on the ARGO-HYTOS website in all three language versions.
Attached is a sales promotion presentation explaining the switch's functionality, advantages and benefits that the new version of the TSE3-D brings over the original TSE2-D, which was intended to be created.

Change management, TSE2-D production:

The TSE3-D is made in series and will be available immediately after ordering.
The new version TSE3-D-400-2-1-1 has only one order number 41646100 and fully replaces all current versions of TSE2-D:

33997402 TSE2-D-1-100
33997502 TSE2-D-2-100
33997702 TSE2-D-3-100
33997000 TSE2-D-1-400
33997000 TSE2-D-2-400
33998000 TSE2-D-3-400

The ongoing change to blocks and aggregate will be followed by a CNL Change Notification, informing you of the exact date of the change.


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