Barksdale BXS Series with IO-Link

We are in a constant state of change. This is evident in the 3000 generation, as the cap color for the BxS series changes from gray to black. This change is purely aesthetic; the numbers of the models used to order remain unchanged, as do the performance, quality, durability and functionality of the products.

The powerful BxS series consists of:

  • BPS3000 (pressure switch)
  • BTS3000 (temperature switch)
  • BTLS 2000 (temperature / level switch)
  • BLS3000 (level switch)
  • BLS2000 (level switch)
  • DSBDS3000 (differential pressure switch)

With our IO-Link-capable products, you are ready for the changing demands of the market, as they increase efficiency through digital two-way communication.
The advantages of IO-Link are e.g.

  • Remote parameter setting with simultaneous placement of IO-Link devices directly on the machine. Direct transmission of parameters in the case of service allows immediate identification and location of sensors.
  • Reduction of machine downtime using status information and diagnostic options in the system
  • Automatic acceptance of parameterization allows the device to be replaced by less qualified personnel.
  • Digital transmission of measured values ​​from the sensor to the controller guarantees that the transmitted value corresponds exactly to the measured value.
  • Density of data transmission against external influences via 24 V signal. Shielded cables and appropriate earthing are not required.

Even if you are not yet actively using IO-Link in your production, the BxS series products will help you prepare for Industry 4.0.

BDS3000 - Electronic differential pressure switch

The BDS3000 electronic differential pressure switch, as well as its pressure counterpart, has unique detailed solutions such as a 2-way rotating 320 ° display, analog outputs (4-20 mA and 0-10 V), as well as maintenance-free transistor switch contacts. The measuring range is 0 ... 350 mbar and 0 ... 35 bar, depending on the differential pressure measuring cell.

The large oblique 14-segment LED display is aesthetically pleasing and allows clear reading of the display from various angles. Mounting holes are built in to facilitate installation in various orientations. Although the device must be mounted upside down, the internal software can rotate the display 180 °. An electrical connection that can be rotated 320 ° and a display cover also make the unit very easy to install.

The BDS3000 is also characterized by high overload resistance and is therefore ideally suited for filter monitoring. In addition to the standard increased EMC resistance, the switch is suitable for IP67 with a corresponding plug. The IO-Link option is of course also available in Industry 4.0, as well as high-quality stainless steel housing materials and PA / PC.


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