Boschert safety snap-on bearings

Boschert safety snap-in bearings ensure safety during winding and unwinding. Opening the snap-in bearing and removing the shaft is only possible when the bearing is rotated in a certain position. Insertion and fastening is very easy with the circumferential wheel. For simple applications, these safety snap-in bearings are a very cost-effective solution as a bearing for expansion shafts. For more precise requirements and higher rotation speeds, snap-on bearings with replaceable VT inserts can be supplied

Features of Boschert snap-in bearings

  • reliable, safe and fast mounting of the winding shafts
  • for more than 50 years, these products have been used by customers in the textile, printing, paper, rubber and plastics industries
  • designed for roll weights up to 64,000 kg
  • torques up to 41,000 Nm
  • the narrowest production tolerances, e.g. circumferential throw less than 0.1 mm
  • heel or flange design, possibility of longitudinal and transverse adjustment
  • Possibility of mounting on vertical stands or rotating bins
  • installation of so-called wear (VT) parts with different profiles, the purpose of which is quick and trouble-free replacement with low costs
  • high-speed storage for speeds up to 2,500 rpm
  • belt tension control unit based on the change in the weight of the material being wound
  • The bearing can be equipped with a friction clutch or disc brake (0.1 to 3 kW), or other elements for automation
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