Rulmeca ball transport units

Ball transport units, as well as omnidirectional rolls, allow sufficiently smooth, rigid and flat bales to move in any direction. The wide range allows for a variety of applications and installation options with a load capacity of 15 to 2,000 daN for each ball unit. For this reason, they are used not only on conveyors, but also on machines and transport work and assembly tables in the engineering, metallurgical industry, etc., for loading and unloading vehicles and for airport installations. Particular attention should be paid to the fact that the bullets should resist punctures or dents in the surfaces of the package.

SPL 500 series

Black polyamide bodies have different patterns that allow different types of installations and applications.
1 steel ball is rolled on a hardened cap filled with small balls. The sliding effect is always guaranteed by the felt seal, which keeps the properties of this series running smoothly. They can be supplied with a nylon main ball on request.

SPR series

All-metal body with external galvanized parts. This series is much stronger than the previous one and its body can be machined or deeply drawn for the "L" version.

SPS series

The ball units in this series are made entirely of stainless steel, manufactured to exacting standards and designed for particularly demanding and specific applications, such as gears and workbenches for machine tools, heavy conveyors, the metallurgical industry, etc.
Their design allows them to work in either "up" or "down" applications. Spring design for special applications is expected. They make it possible to compensate for or prevent overloading and impact, and the bullet is completely shrunk into the cap. The main balls and small support balls are of first-class quality, the caps are hardened, the support body is polished and the seals are made of felt. Thorough quality control tests are performed on this series. They can be supplied in various materials and designs on request.
All dimensions given in this catalog are subject to machining tolerances. Although the drawings are accurate, they do not bind the manufacturer. Rulli Rulmeca reserves the right to change products at any time and without prior notice.


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