Bühler Water Alarm Unit - Nivotemp 61-0 WW series

  • With mounting flange
  • Available functions: level control and water alarm detection
  • Contacts: opener, closer or change over

Water is an unwanted contaminant in hydraulic oil and particularly in lubrication oil. The presence of water changes the chemical properties of the liquids and consequently, it reduces the lifetime of the fluids significantly. Lubrication oil is particularly vulnerable to water because high bearing pressure can generate steam formation and hence deteriorate the lubrication film. Depending on the formulation of the oil composition, ingressed water is separated from the oil and sinks because of the higher density to the bottom of the tank.
The free water is collected in the water alarm units and raises a signal if a certain volume is reached. The water, then, is drained off either automatically or manually

  • Bühler series WW6-10 water alarm unit