Solenoid valves 850 series

Pneumatic solenoid valves of 850 series are of the 2/2 NC type.
Their modularity represents the innovation in this series. Nine independent shutters with common pneumatic feed and with either disjoined outlets or assembled outlets in order to increment the flow rate. The response time, in milliseconds, is independent from the flow rate value, and its operative life is over 500 millions cycles.
The series is fit for step change the passant flow rate (till nine steps in single outlet version), trans-forming a simple 2/2 into a solenoid valve, having a proportional flow rate and absolute repeatability. Besides, by combining different control techniques (for example, PWN and PNM) the flow rate may vary in linearity. Due to the availability of controls of speed-up type, dynamic features are even more improved. Consequently, the response time for standard solenoid valves with 24 VDC control results below 5 ms in opening and below 2 ms in closing, while the maximum operating frequency is 200 Hz. The response time for solenoid valve with speed-up control, both in opening and in closing, results below 1 ms. The maximum operating frequency is 500 Hz.
Besides high speed features, solenoid valves of 850 series present flow rate values to 1620 dm3/min (ANR), with a supply pressure from 0 to 8 bar.


  • Compact dimension
  • High duct diameter and flow rate
  • Short response times
  • Insensitivity to frequency work and to vibrations
  • Low absorbed power
  • Precision, repetitiveness and flexibility
  • Long operating life


  • Pressure and flow rate control devices
  • Positioning systems
  • Selection systems
  • Dosage systems
  • Biomedical and measure sector


  • Body and flanges in Al
  • Seals in NBR
  • Matrix series 850 high speed valve

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