Solenoid Valves 820 Series

The Pneumatic Solenoid Valves 820 Series are NC 2/2 type.
The research about materials and new technological solutions allowed the realization of a shutter solenoid valve with an extremely simple operation principle and with avant-garde dynamic characterist-ics. The mass of the moving elements has been reduced to the minimum and every inner friction has been eliminated: in this way, we obtained response times of milliseconds and an operation life over 500 million cycles.
Due to the possibility of controls of speed-up type, their dynamic characteristics are even more improved. Standard solenoid valves with 24 VDC control have a response time lower than 5 ms in open-ing and 2 ms in closing, with a maximum operation frequency of 200 Hz. On the contrary, solenoid valves with speed-up control have a response time lower than 1 ms, both in opening and in closing, with a maximum operation frequency of 500 Hz.
Besides high-speed characteristics, solenoid valves 820 Series offer flow rate values up to 180 dm3/min. (ANR), with feeding pressure from 0 to 8 bar.
Controlling the valve through either PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) or PFM (Pulse Frequency Modula-tion) technique, it is possible to vary the passing flow rate and to obtain, in this way, a solenoid valve, having a proportional flow rate.
820 Series is available both in-line assembly and sub-plate version, equipped with such accessories as multi-position manifolds or speed-up driver boards.


  • Compact dimension
  • High duct diameter and flow rate
  • Short response times
  • Insensitivity to frequency work and to vibrations
  • Low absorbed power
  • Precision, repetitiveness and flexibility
  • Long operating life


  • Process and precision instrumentation
  • Pressure and flow rate control devices
  • Positioning systems
  • Selection systems
  • Dosage systems
  • Biomedical and measure sector


  • Body in PPS
  • Flanges in Al
  • Seals in NBR

Matrix valve, series 820

2/2 or 3/3 Function NC Single valve and manifold version

  • Flowrate              100-180 Nl./min.
  • Pressure range    0-8 bar
  • IP Rating              IP62
  • Response time     1 ms
  • Tension                24 VDC; Speed-Up!
  • Life time               >500 million cycles
  • Measurements     12x37x28,5 mm
  • Weight                 25 g
  • Matrix series 820 high speed valve
  • Matrix series 820 high speed valve arry from front
  • Matrix series 820 high speed valve array

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