Matrix driver boards

9-Channel Driver Board PCM 8130

The 9-channel driver board PCM 8130 is prearranged for the control of the proportional flow solenoid valves of 860 PCM Series. Said driver board may be setup through two dip-switches both for the con-trol of 6-bit models with 64 conductance levels, and for the control of 8-bit models with 256 conduc-tance levels. The driver board accepts either 6- and 8-digital signals with direct input, or 0 - 10 V ten-sion signals, subsequently converted into binary code. Said drive board may be integrated in a suitable protection box, which makes easier its installation.

8-Channel Universal Driver Board

The 8-channel universal driver board is suitable for the pilo driving of a wide range of Matrix solenoid valves both in on-off modality, and in speed-up modality.
In on-off modality the driver board automatically provides to reduce the tension value after the solenoid valve opening phase, reducing in such a way its consumption and thermal dissipation. In speed-up modality the care and precision of the electric control assure the best working conditions to the solenoid valve and optimize its performance.
The arrangement of the driver board to the different solenoid valves features (configuration change) is easily performed by the user through the setup of three dip-switches, which are present therein. The universal driver board is available with some different connection typologies. D-Sub and terminal board types may be integrated in a suitable protection box facilitating their installation.

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