Electronic pressure regulator SPR 600

The SPR 600 is an electronically-controlled pressure regulator equipped with an 8-bit microcontroller in combination with a 1” or ¾” pilot-assisted pressure regulator (power stage). The control signal can be analogic, digital via RS232 or digital from the keyboard. It is converted into proportional pressure signal by means of high-rate solenoid valves.


  • Integration with analogic or digital systems (PC, PLC, etc.)
  • Extremely fast response times
  • Excellent repeatability and reliability
  • Low power absorption

SPR 600 comes in two basic versions:

  • Version A, with analogic control via voltage or RS232 serial line
  • Version D, with control via RS232 serial line or keyboard or voltage, with display of the set and regulated pressures
  • Matrix series SPR 600 electronic regulator

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