Digital electro pneumatic regulator EVD series

The easy-to-use highly functional compact EVD Series digital electro pneumatic regulator features a variety of new functions including pressure display, error display, and direct memory.

User-friendly, outstanding installation performance

The digital display shows control status at a glance.
3-digit output pressure display Output status (switch output ON-OFF) is displayed in addition to error display.

Parallel input available as standard
Direct control is possible from the PLC.

The highly universal D-sub connector enables bidirectional connection.
The connection is rotated 90 degrees from top to side, enabling top or side connection to be selected based on use.

Modular design
Filters and regulators, such as the C1000 Series, are connectable.

Realizing high-level functions with microcomputer

Error display function
Errors are displayed and reported with electric signals.

Zero/span adjustment function
Zero and span can be adjusted according to the usage methods

Direct memory function
External input signals are not required. Secondary pressure is adjusted as desired with operation keys.

Switch output function
Switch outputs (built-in over current protection) is possible by setting the upper/lower limit pressure

Highly precise high-response pressure control

  • Linearity 0.3%
  • Hysteresis 0.5%
  • Response time 0.2sec

Environment-friendly design

No lead or polyvinyl chloride
All lead and polyvinyl chloride has been eliminated.

Energy saving
"Automatic power off" automatically turns off the digital display.

Material display
Materials are indicated on main components to facilitate recycling.

  • CKD series EVD digital electro-pneumatic regulator

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