Air unit CXU series

Flexible combination without piping or problems!
The take-off blocks when equipped with a no return valve, allow the use of non lubricated air and should be inserted between the regulator and the lubricator. If mounted as last element, they should be assembled with terminal flanges.

Piping-versatile, space-saving
Bothersome piping design and work have been eliminated. All work is completed by preparing a single unit. Installation space is also reduced with the elimination of piping and tubes. This also makes for a neater appearance. Mounting positions for separate components are eliminated, and errors in mounting dimensions caused when pipes are tightened are solved.

Improved quality
No threading sections, no external leaks! This also prevents foreign materials from entering during piping work.

Vertical or horizontal
Vertical and horizontal pipes can be arranged versatility. Solenoid valves can also be connected directly. The simple layout greatly reduces piping design labour hours.(AIR UNIT custom order parts) Easy change and expansion Module joining lets air components be changed and expanded freely. Components can be attached and removed from the front face. This also facilitates maintenance.

  • CKD series CXU modular FRL air unit

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