Gast vane air motors/gearmotors

Known industry wide for their rugged construction and reliability, Gast Air Motors and air powered gear motors are available in both lubricated and oil-less models. These air motors and gear motors are used in many industrial applications, from mixing equipment to running pump drives.


  • Variable speed capabilities allow flexibility and versatility in any number of applications
  • Cool-running operation means air motors can be used in ambient temperatures of up to 250° F (120° C)
  • Non-electrical operation reduces the possibility of explosion from igniting flammable gases. ATEX (II 2 GDc T4) compliance as standard on catalogue listed Air Motors
  • Self-sealing vanes take up their own wear, ensuring consistent output for thousands of hours of use
  • Instantly reversible
  • Compact and portable
  • Operate in all positions
  • Will not burn out
  • Mounting flexibility
  • Low-shock starts

New GVT MVP Series Air Motors

The MVP series air bladed engines are lightweight and powerful compared to their size. Available in material version AL or SS 316. Almost all MVP models meet ATEX requirements 2014-34- EU Directive in standards: EN80079-36, EN 80079-37, IEC 60079-0.







Max. power - 0,75kW
Max. speed - 3500 rpm
Max. torque - 2.8 Nm


Max. power - 1,19kW
Max. speed - 3500 rpm
Max. torque - 4.0 Nm


Max. power - 2,24kW
Max. speed - 3500 rpm
Max. torque - 7.8 Nm


Max. power - 2,98kW
Max. speed - 3500 rpm
Max. torque - 10.7 Nm

MVP02 with high torque and reduced

Max. power - 0,75kW
Max. speed - 150 rpm
Max. Torque - 42.4 Nm

  • Gast vane air motor

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