Guided cylinder STM series

Super-mini Guided Cylinder STM Series (ø6, ø10) with free installation and wide variations to facilitate use and selection

Product line-up including ball bearing and clean-room specifications

Smallest model is just 33 mm wide and 15.5 mm high.This is the smallest space-saving guidedcylinder available.

Piping to rear and installed on side
Piping is connected to the front or centrally led from the rear. (Option) Installation on the cylinder is possible, allowing several units to be installed in a small space. (Option)

Two bearings
Metal bush bearings or ball bearings can be used based on the application.

Clean-room compatible
Clean-room specifications (STM-B-P7) are available.

Transfer compact parts, etc.
Ideal for use on compact part transfer lines, including precision devices such as semiconductors. This cylinder can be used in a variety of applications including positioning, stoppers, clamps, press-fitting, lifters, and pushers.

Substances such as lead and hexavalent chrome that could adversely affect the global environment have been removed.

  • CKD series STM guided cylinders

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