Robotic instead of manual: automated deburring with proven blades from SCHUNK

For the first time, manual deburring processes can be automated with the CDB deburring tool for SCHUNK robots without having to leave proven deburring knives. The deburring tool with adjustable flexibility is suitable for deburring workpieces made of plastic, aluminum, steel, brass and other materials in a wide range of geometries. It can be used for deburring stamped parts, for domestic and industrial equipment, as well as for plastic or metal components in the automotive or aerospace industries. The ability to insert conventional deburring blades, previously used manually in a 1: 1 ratio, into the robotic tool allows for quick and uncomplicated transitions from manual to automated operation. With regard to blades, blade holders and the process, no change in existing know-how is required. The flexible robotic tool mimics the process of manual deburring, all while maintaining high quality. Position inaccuracies, workpiece tolerances and robot tolerances are axially compensated by up to 8 mm and radially by ± 5.5 °. The balancing force can be regulated individually (axial 13 - 66 N, radial 13 - 62 N). The tool therefore ensures process-reliable deburring results and reduces the number of rejections while requiring minimal programming effort. The even grip of the tool ensures a short adjustment time when changing knives, which means that the deburring tool can be used effectively for the production of small series. Compared to manual deburring, robot deburring offers a wide range of advantages, including the fact that employees no longer have to endure difficult, dangerous and lengthy deburring work. In addition, consistently high quality is also ensured. In automated operations, it is possible to remove cracks without an operator continuously.


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