NEW - Encoder VLH-35 FOR DC SERVOMOTORS from Netzer

Netzer Precision Position Sensors introduces the VLH-35, a new product designed to meet the needs of the servo motor industry and its demands for the next generation of industrial rotary motion control.

The VLH-35 encoder is part of the Electric Encoder™ portfolio, which is based on capacitive technology for position sensing.

Netzer realizes the importance of working with servo motor manufacturers who have their own design philosophy and manufacturing methods, so the VLH-35 can be customized to provide the best solution for the needs of different customers


  • High precision, absolute, digital encoder
  • Extreme resistance to shocks and vibrations
  • Immunity to magnetic fields
  • Communication protocols: SSi, BiSS
  • Frameless design with hollow shaft
  • Low profile: only 6 mm
  • Zero torque and negligible inertia
  • Outer diameter 35 mm
  • "Smart sensor" options: Built-in test, zero position programming
  • Flexibility for different mechanical interfaces


  • Servo motors
  • Robotics and automation
  • Industrial machines
  • Automobile industry

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